Friday, July 2, 2010

Indian Railways being run by DE RAILWAY minister !!

Ms Mamata Banerjee, our Railway minister, spends most of her time in Kolkota, West Bengal.

Indian railways commenced their journey way back in 1850.It is now one of the largest railway networks in the world, carrying millions of tons of materials and millions of passengers, daily.We are not self sufficient in oil.And hence can't rely on road transport in future.Railways offer a very clean, green and economic mode of transport.Since we have more than century old expertise in running railways, we can manage it very well.Governments all over the world have realised the importance of railways as future means of mass transport and are working to expand their railway networks.

But here we have a minister who even does not attend cabinet meetings,let alone meetings related to her own ministry.We should de link our railways from politics and turn it in to an autonomous corporation accountable to Parliament.Such a self regulating, autonomous body will be able to develop and implement plans for future.It will also be able to operate it for benefits of all.This is not a very difficult task, as we already have a Railway Board, whichis supposed to be autonomous.What is needed is a simple statutory mandate to this board to, [a] Transform it in to a public utility organisation of the future [b] Take professionals on the board [c] Have a vision, mission and goals, [d] Publish outcomes, every year, after these have been approved by the Parliament....


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