Friday, July 16, 2010

India Pakistan Dialogue

Our External Affairs minister, Mr S M Krishna has been snubbed by his Pakistani counter part, after the conclusion of the Talks in Islamabad.
There is growing opinion in India, that this is not the right time for Talks with Pakistan.Reasons.
1. Pakistan is fighting her own battle of survival,
2.Her foreign policies are guided by USA,Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries,
3.She is dependent on USA and the West and rich Arab countries for economic aid
4. The political regime in power has not wrested adequate power from Army & ISI to set the agenda for changes in foreign policies,
5.Pakistan's ruling elites are unable to reconcile to the fact that no government in Delhi will be able to give any concession to any one on Jammu & Kashmir.
6. Pakistani Generals and ISI are confident, that they will be able to install a Pakistani centric, Taliban led government in Kabul after withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, post 2011.After 2011, Pakistani army,ISI and Jihadi organizations hope to divert entire Jihad and all Jihadis to Kashmir.This is the reason why they are behaving so arrogantly with us.

It will be better, if India awaits the outcome [if it takes place] of the withdrawal of the US & NATO from Afghanistan, before evolving a long term foreign policy of dealing with Pakistan.
As for J & K, India needs to repeat for all concerned that J & K is beyond negotiations.That will give us two immediate advantages.
1. Agitators in the streets of Srinagar will get the message that they can't get very far with those stones,bandhs and hartals.
2. Americans will know that India will go this far and no further. Especially when we Indians were thrown out of the room in London while discussing Afghanistan.With more than $ 280 billions of foreign exchange reserves, we should be able to tell the Americans and the West a thing or two about our national interests.

To convey the strong message to Pakistan and to the world , we should declare that we are not talking to the separatists in J & K and not withdrawing armed forces till there is complete peace in the valley.
After this, officials handling Pakistan affairs in MEA should go on along vacation.

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