Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crimes and Criminal Bureau of Investigation - CBI

A BJP minister in Gujarat Government has been called by CBI for questioning related to an encounter death of a known criminal.CBI or the Criminal Bureau of Investigation, is an independent organization, manned by highly qualified [ and highly paid ] officers from IPS and other cadres.It is tasked with investigating very serious crimes and ensuring prosecution of the criminals involved in such serious crimes.Since the times of Mrs Indira Gandhi, CBI and such central organizations are being used by the ruling party at the Center to settle the political scores.Case of BJP minster sited above is one such instant. It is now clear that more and more politicians from more and more political parties will deploy all such organizations to settle political scores.Mrs Mayavati is doing this in UP,CPM did this in West Bengal for many years.Janata Party did this to Mrs Indira Gandhi in 1977.NDA did this to Lalu & Lalu returned the compliments, when he was in power.This will go on for a while, till we have new breed of leaders, with better vision, wisdom and maturity.

Till such time, it is the duty of the officers manning organizations like CBI,RAW,IB,IAS,IFS,IPS,UPSC, Railway Board, Election Commission, TRAI,Judicial Commission etc to uphold the law of the land.They are under oath to do that.They are being paid from the taxes that people pay.They are accountable to people.And history.There are thousands of men and women who are occupying positions of power in various government organizations.In times such as these, in times of moral degradations like these,people , that is more than 110 crore people can only appeal to these men and women to,

[1] Uphold our constitution upon which you have taken oath,

[2] Uphold the law of the land. Ignore consequences, no matter how serious they are

[3] Do not allow political interference, whatever may be the benefits or losses [ They can only transfer you !]

[4] Be honest - majority of our people don't earn one tenth of what you do

[5] Learn to ignore media, current political events and local politicians

[6] Remember 110 crore souls ,when in doubt.Act in a manner, that will bring them closer to the freedom that our forefathers have won for us,Freedom that is becoming so illusive.

In the time of political uncertainties and chaos, it is the steel frame that has to hold the entire structure.

Posted on 31.7.2010.

As per Retired IPS, Mr Joginder Singh [ in Organiser - 1st August issue],present strength of CBI is 5900, with 30% posts lying vacant on any given day.Rulers ! why don't you fill up these posts?

In the Delhi courts alone CBI's record is as follows,

Total pending cases - 1389.

Cases pending in six special CBI courts - 927.

Out of these, 171 cases are pending for more than 8 years,

51 cases for more than 15 years and

39 cases for more than 20 years !

In 119 cases , CBI has failed to frame the charges !!

As of year 2006,CBI had 6414 cases pending.

Out of these 2300 cases are pending for more than 8 years

and 198 cases are pending for more than 20 years !

This is CBI for us,the people.While ruling party is busy implicating people from opposition , it is the duty of all the MP's to monitor the CBI's performance by asking relevant questions in the house.

Media, instead of reporting so called sensational cases [ like that of the arrest of Amit Shah], should also inform the public about the inefficiencies and incompetence of CBI and the type of vested interests that it is serving.


Since these postings, CBI has done some good work, eg, arresting Kalmadi,Raja, Kani and many others.But where is the independence that is expected of it? It operates under the Home Ministry.Now it seems that the home minister himself is under cloud. Of 2G scam ! what can CBI do? It must continue to get at the bottom of this terrible scam, irrespective of the consequences.CBI should remember that nothing can happen to an honest officer, save his/her transfer.

CBI also should refuse to accept highly politicised cases from the states.Eg case of Arushi murder or case of murder of a girl in UP recently.In fact, time has come for CBI to announce that it will not investigate cases of suspecious deaths, murders etc.Why? There are and should be other investigative agencies for such cases.CBI should focus only and only on cases of huge corruption and large economic offences, so that these can be prevented and also the loot can be recovered.This is also time for CBI to fill up all its vacant positions with good officers.There are reports in the media that government of the day is deliberately keeping CBI under staffed.This is with a view to delay the investigations.CBI Director should put his foot down on such delaying tactics.

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