Friday, July 2, 2010

Attack on Sufi shrine in Pakistan

Terrorists attacked a sufi shrine in Lahore Pakistan yesterday.37 innocents have been killed, many more wounded.Terrorists are targeting Shias, Ahamedias,Sufis... They also attack schools where muslim girls study.Is it not the time for all muslims to ask Talibans,the following questions?

1. What kind of Islamic state they want to establish in Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iraq and elsewhere?
2. What will be the status of Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedias, Khojas,Sufis, Christians,Hindus and other non muslim communities in such an Islamic state?
3.All nation states have standing armies.Can they fight such armies? If they can not, will they go on killing innocents till such armies " surrendered" to them?

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  1. Why do such attacks, whether on Sufi shrine in Pakistan or Gulbarg Society in Ahmedabad, India or an island in Norway ? Before answering this question, i would like to tell you about a theory of mine. We all say that a person is well rounded and mature when he has passed through a variety of experiences, faced trying circumstances and coming out unscathed, has travelled quite a lot, inter-acted with a wide variety of people, gone through a no. of ups and downs and learnt and internalised lessons during a life time. This maturity comes in one lifetime. Now, for further understanding of my theory, you need to believe in the theory of re-birth or at least for the sake of understanding the theory, temporarily accept that re-births do take place. When a person before being born as a human, has gone through a no. of births in all life forms such as all kinds of flora, all kinds of fauna and all the ethnic varieties of homo sapiens - not only in the present era but also in all eras starting with stone age, iron age....... to the robotic age - such a person can be said to have evolved as a well rounded and matured life form (analogous to a well rounded and mature individual in one lifetime). I call such a well rounded and mature life form or person as a RED. A RED would understand how a tree or a plant feels when hurt or how an animal thinks and feels when disturbed from its routine or how other humans think and feel due to his actions. He therefore avoids hurting anyone consciously or hurts someone. As against this, imagine that a person has short circuited in the evolution process and has been born as a human without undergoing the intermediate stage of fauna. Such a person, in lay parlance would be called Katcha in Hindi or unripe in english. I call such a person as a GREEN. GREENs are characterized by intolerance, excitability, frenzied behaviour when provoked, inability to see another person's viewpoint, a feeling of insecurity and a belief that others not subscribing to his belief systems must be forcibly or otherwise converted to his own belief system or else subjugated or even killed; otherwise he himself faces the same fate. He must therefore act first. Those whose evolution fall between RED and GREEN is what I call ORANGE. ORANGES sometime act like GREENS and some time like REDS. According to my theory, most of the Talibans, Bajrang Dal, Khalistanis, Maoists, Various other Ultras, Christian and Moslem Crusaders of yore and the recent Norwegian mass murderer are what I call GREENs. Their attacks take place when they are provoked by their mastermind into a frenzied behaviour. They are under the mistaken belief that by their actions they would acheve the equivalent of heaven in this life, if they survive the mission or in the afterlife if they perish during the mission. I hope that I have answered the question posed at the outset. One should not attribute any one religion or ethnic group with GREENs or REDs or ORANGEs. All of us have a sprinkling of each of the colours described within us. Just as according to Transactional Analysis we all sometimes act as children, sometimes as parents and sometimes as adults, in the same way, at some stage or the other in our lives we think like GREENs,at some other stage like REDs and sometimes like ORANGEs. In the life of collectives of people also there are some GREEN stages perhaps when wars or even World Wars take place. It is however when a majority of people are REDs that peace and prosperity abound. May be, the SWISS people are as a collective REDs never having gone to war even though nestled among warmongers.