Monday, November 25, 2013


Five years ago, on this day, Mumbai came under an unprecedented terrorist attack.It was an audacious act of war by Pakistan.Fortunately ,one terrorist [ Kasab] was caught alive by the police and the whole conspiracy is now known to the whole world.Fine.
What have we done as a nation since then? How many more terror attacks have taken place since then? Will we be attacked like this in future? Governments of the day have no answers for these simple questions by the citizens. As i have written in my previous blogs, the nation states were formed with the idea of providing security to the inhabitants of that state.
In the mean time, Pakistan has changed its strategy of this proxy war.It is now encouraging local Muslim youths to organise themselves as local cells.These cells remain dormant but can be activated at very short notice.This strategy absolves Pakistan of any involvement and thus any retaliation by India.By 2014, India may have a new government and Kabul may be left to fend for itself , post draw down of foreign troops.There is already a new government in Islamabad.USA may not be as keen to intervene in this part of the world in near future.India and her so called fight against terrorism will have to take all these aspects in to considerations.