Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Media musings

Today, Afghan President Karzai is in India.He had wide ranging discussions with our PM,his cabinet colleagues and several officials.In the late evening there was an important joint declaration by both the countries.
In the light of assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani,US allegations that ISI is hand in glove with Haqqani network, and attacks in Kabul on American embassy few days ago.This visit and discussions have assumed enormous importance.Reason why BBC tonight had debate with K C Singh[ former diplomat] from India and a US based Pakistani diplomat participating. Rabbani was killed after his visit to India a few weeks ago.Still Karzai is here.India is playing an important role in Afghanistan.
Our media has reported this tonight.But alas there were no debates or discussions on this.
People would want to know what Pakistan or Americans think of these agreements we have with Afghans. Yet,all TV channels were screaming about arrest of an IPS officer in Gujarat.All channels had anti Modi crowd,all going hammer and tong against Modi for his dictatorial ways.These debates appeared barren and frivolous in view of so many serious issues that we have, including one stated above.
This is the height of the myopia of our media.