Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Congress going mad on Rafael

Today Congress party took politics to a new low.Its President Mr Rahul Gandhi has called PM Narendra Modi a spy. This is all because Modi and his govt showed urgency in acquisition of good quality fighter aircrafts for IAF which hasn't acquired anything in last 10 years.This delay is attributed to indecisiveness of  UPA I & II.For ten long years they set on files.Modi govt's fault is its speed.India being the largest importers of arms in the world, it is a free for all for all kinds of lobbies and lobbyists. If vendor A is chosen by a govt after due diligence, venders B to Z are bound to raise storms through their contacts.That is what seems to be happening in Rafael deal.Those who could not get the contract are trying to sabotage a deal that was done between two governments.Congress party and Rahul Gandhi are doing disservice to the nation and to our armed forces by falling prey to these lobbyists knowingly or otherwise.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lies ,damned lies and statistics

Stanford University researchers conducted study about the "laziness" of people from various countries.They used data collected by the smartphones.Most of the smartphones are equipped with step counters which are installed in these sets. Researchers collected data from 700,000 smart phones owned  by people in 46 countries.

We do not know how many smartphones owned by Indians were counted by these researchers.

About 30% or less of Indians own smartphones.At present smartphones are owned by upper middle class and rich people.It is incorrect to conclude about entire Indian population based on data from this small segment.People from poorer sections,lower middle classes and house wives do walk miles every day to do a myriad chores.These data is "beyond" the rich of Stanford researchers.

Our farmers,farm labourers,shop floor people,shop assistants,people working in small businesses number more than 40 crores.And all of them do lot of walking- every day.

It is wrong on the part of our main stream media and social media to pick up such "phoney" research and condemn all of us as the laziest people in the world.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Attack by terrorists on Amarnath Pilgrims

Country has witnessed one more attack on unarmed,innocent pilgrims to Amarnath.8 pilgrims are killed.7 of them are women.14 more are injured.All those who are dead or injured are from south Gujarat.
This marks one more change in the strategy of the terrorists.After Modi govt assumed office in May 2014, all terror attacks were directed at security forces [Pathankot,Uri...].Now again they are back to killing unarmed civilians.Does this mean that their strength is depleted and hence can't attack army camps? Or do they expect people to "react" to such violence and start one more communal conflagration? Terrorists involved appear to be from across the border.This will mean they are being "directed" to indulge in acts which have "consequences".Both China and Pakistan could be interested in creating a communal flashpoint in India.

Monday, July 3, 2017

GST and its critics

July 1st 2017 was a historic day for independent India.On this day the country has been transformed into a unified economic unit with launch of GST - Goods and Services Tax - that is applicable across the country.This GST will subsume scores of local taxes and cesses which were introduced over a period of time.

This historic reform measure is being opposed by two sets of people
[1] Those who are opposed to Modi,BJP and the NDA government
[2] Those who now find that they can't avoid tax.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Five years ago, on this day, Mumbai came under an unprecedented terrorist attack.It was an audacious act of war by Pakistan.Fortunately ,one terrorist [ Kasab] was caught alive by the police and the whole conspiracy is now known to the whole world.Fine.
What have we done as a nation since then? How many more terror attacks have taken place since then? Will we be attacked like this in future? Governments of the day have no answers for these simple questions by the citizens. As i have written in my previous blogs, the nation states were formed with the idea of providing security to the inhabitants of that state.
In the mean time, Pakistan has changed its strategy of this proxy war.It is now encouraging local Muslim youths to organise themselves as local cells.These cells remain dormant but can be activated at very short notice.This strategy absolves Pakistan of any involvement and thus any retaliation by India.By 2014, India may have a new government and Kabul may be left to fend for itself , post draw down of foreign troops.There is already a new government in Islamabad.USA may not be as keen to intervene in this part of the world in near future.India and her so called fight against terrorism will have to take all these aspects in to considerations.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Resource Mobilisation for the new Indian government

TOI has reported a news item today where a UP state Engineer has been caught who had amassed more than 260 crore of wealth between 2002 to 2007 in UP.
Central Government,various State governments,Qasi government bodies and PSUs employ more than 1.2 crore employees.We can safely presume that at least 10% of them are highly corrupt and have managed to amass more than 10 crore each.That will give us the figure of of 120 Lakh crores! [ 12 lakh employees having > 10 crore hush money].Govt agencies like CBI or Anti Corruption Bureau or ED should focus on their own colleagues and locate these 12 lakh crooks.Once done they should be asked to cough up and get out! "Deals" can be stuck to shell out at least half of the booty.[ no use filing legal cases that can go on and on for decades.Time is for the "Instant deals"]That could still be 60 Lakh crores.Compare this with central govt yearly budget of Rs 12 Lakh crores and we have the idea of resources that we can mobilise without much a do.
Added bonus will be that the govts will be able to get rid of 12 lakh crooks and replace them with better,younger,more honest and more deserving persons.

Monday, September 16, 2013

NaMo as PM

13th September was the date on which NaMo has been declared as PM candidate by BJP with only LKA dissenting.Today is 16th September and LKA while addressing a rally at Chhatisgadh along with Dr Raman Singh [ CM of Chhatisgadh[ has praised NaMo for the first time in last few weeks.Others who were opposed to NaMo's nomination [ M M Joshi,Sushma Swaraj,Ananth Kumar] seem to have fallen in line,not so much to respect party diktat,but to respect opinion of overwhelming numbers of rank and file and party supporters.
With this now BJP has the leader and an excellent national team comprising of Rajnath Singh,Arun Jaitely,Sushma Swaraj,Nitin Gadkari,Naidu,Ananth Kumar,Naqvi,Shah Navaz Hussein,Prasad,Sinha,Joshi and now LKA.. so many.Not only that but BJP also has very robust teams in the states where it is strong challenger to Congress.Compare this with what Congress has got.MMS? PC? Antony?Anand Sharma? Manish Tiwari? Ahmed Patel? Many of them may not be able to contest or win elections.That leaves the family led by SoniaG,RahulG & PriyankaG.Young dynasts like Scindia,Pilot,Devda,Prasada,Singh may not be much of election mobilisers.So how does Congress put in place teams,strategies,agenda? How does it counter huge anti incumbency? humongous scams?
As 2014 apporaches,it may become a walk over for BJP/NDA.