Monday, August 16, 2010


More than 10,000 years ago, when the last ice age ended, Himalayan rivers created a veritable Garden of Eden or Nandanvan in what is known as the land of Sapta Sindhus. This land mass of more than 100,000 Sq.KM,became a magnet for our prehistoric ancestors to arrive here from all over the continent and beyond.They must have come from all over Asia and Europe as all of us carry combinations of all three racial features [ Afroid,Mongloid and Caucasian].There must have been original inhabitants in Sapta Sindhu also. There were no nation states, religions, customs, visa , passport or a standing army.It was a vast,clean, green, expanse of land beckoning all.Our ancestors, who settled here, ushered in the first wave of transformation of the then human society of hunter gatherers. Domestication of the cow & horse, agriculture,institution of marriage, evolution of the language and evolution of village panchayats culminated in to creation of Rig Veda, about 8500 years ago.Earliest evidence of all these is to be found in Mehergadh,Baluchistan.

Since then [ ie 6500 BC], we have been at war either with each other or with invaders or with out siders.Both, victors and the vanquished have been fully absorbed in this vast crucible, subsequently called HINDUSTHAN.This process of assimilation and absorption has gone on for thousands of years along with the process called war! Why not give it a break?

Presently our subcontinent has been artificially divided by those who sought to conquer us but were conquered by our civilization.What was once a vast, self supporting, free continent of people is now divided as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Tibet and ofcourse India.

Can we create a loose confederation of these independent countries as THE UNITED STATES OF HINDUSTHAN? If we can, then it will resolve so many issues troubling 150 crore ordinary people who inhabit these countries.Here are few.You can add many more if you agree.

1. Security - If we can have a common defense system, the new confederation will have the largest standing army in the world, with highest defense allocation, yet per capita cost of maintaining such an army will be fraction of the current cost that citizens of each country has to pay as tax.
2. Borderless economy - If borders disappear, there will be free flow of men, material, money and minds.Economy, powered by 150 crore people will generate enough wealth to turn this new confederation in to a super power.People will be free to find best health care and best education, where ever it is offered.
3. Peace - All on going border disputes have produced violence.Perpetual reign of peace will be established, if these borders themselves vanish.
4. Freedom - All confederating countries will not become states of UNITED STATES OF HINDUSTHAN.They will remain independent to manage their internal affairs.They will become part of larger nation state only with respect to security and economy.This will help all of us ordinary people realise true freedom.
5.Politics - Present day politics in all these countries is hinged on the hatred.Hatred of " The other" meaning people in other surrounding countries.This politics of hatred will be replaced by the politics of co operation.Co operation for the common good.New entity can throw up leaders not seen by the people of these countries in last few centuries.

Such a UNITED HINDUSTHAN can become power house of wealth and talent, at peace with itself and the world.

If this sounds utopian, we need to look at modern Europe.For last 2000 years , all European countries have fought each other.Yet, in 20th century, after second world war,Europe has transformed itself in to a unified entity with common market, common currency,common defense and free movements.If Europe can do this, why not we Hindusthanis?