Friday, December 30, 2011

Lok Pal

At midnight on 29th December, the much debated Lokpal bill was allowed to die an unnatural death in the Rajya Sabha.Congress party is happy that atleast for the time being ,Lokpal is off its chest.BJP is wondering if it has scored one more brawny point over Congress.People are wondering if they have been cheated once again.Team Anna is busy in strategy sessions.Media is looking for the next big story,of 2012.The corrupt are happy that they can get back to their bad old ways.
I feel that the people have not given it up as yet.They have decided to wait and respond in the elections.It will be interesting to analyse state election results on 4th March 2012 in the light of what happened last night.
Term TRILOK appears in Hindu mythology,explaining the three worlds [Heavens,Earth and Underworlds] TRILOK PAL is our God who ensures that his law prevails in all the three worlds.This TRILOK PAL too appears to be fed up with the corrupt ways of our rulers.He is likely to intervene in favour of people.Reason why I have labeled this post as " Trilokpal"
Wait for the redeemer from above.


  1. Like many other Countries, people are cheated repeatedly in India also--whether it is Lokapal Bill,Women reservation bill,income based reservation instead of community based reservation etc. Pity is that ,we call ourselves as the world's largest democracy!

    Electoral reforms in India are the need of the hour.

  2. Thank you sir for your comments.I think we should wait for the elction results in all five states.Rhey will tell us if people are ready tokick out the corrupt,irrespective of party lebels.If it happens, Anna would have won his battle.The " war" has to go on till this demon is destroyed.

  3. If people really feel strongly about the baneful effects of corruption, they would throw out all the corrupt. If however, they accept corruption as their fate, not much would change, whatever our wishful thinking. By the way, I have posted some comments on two of your posts made in July 2010. Request you to check them out.