Friday, November 11, 2011

Relationship with Pakistan

During SAARC summit in Maldives, our PM issued the statement last night [ 10.11..2011], that he wants country to " Open a new chapter with Pakistan" letting bygones be bygones.
This is strange,coming as it does in repsonse to a big "nothing"from Pakistan.Last week there were talks of Pakistan granting us MFN status, which we have done to them in 1996.Then Paki PM went back on this, while Indian MEA establishment and media continued with the " celebrations" that included counting of chickens by way of export earnings and so on.
It appears, Pakistan is least interested in improving her relations with us.It is interested in taking Kashmir from us and then if possible, destabilising us further through acts of terror.
With such a neighbour, why this government is so keen on improving relations?
Only reason , this pow vow can be explained is vote bank politics of Congress party.It is convinced that it can't win elections without the votes of entire muslim community.Congress believes that Indian muslims vote for a a party that seeks good relations with Pakistan.This might have been true in the past.It is no longer so.Even if it is so, a government is supposed to put the national interests first wrt foreign relations.
Congress by trying to be unduly friendly with Pakistan is playing party politics with our foreign policy.

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