Monday, January 23, 2012

Vote bank politics at its worst

Congress party is playing with fire in UP elections by crossing all limits to appease muslim voters in UP.First,Rahul Gandhi visited Deoband to seek the blessings of maulanas there,then it promised job quotas to muslims,then at the slightest provocation it " ensured" that Salman Rushdie does not enter India for litfest at Jaipur.
Congress is not even sure whether it will be number 3 or number 4 in UP.If it is ready to play communal politics for such a victory, what will it do to retain power in Delhi?
It is strange that Mr Narendra Modi ,one time Hindutva poster boy ,is going out of his way to co opt muslims in Gujarat in to main stream through his Sadbhavana fasts,Congress is pulling the issues back to Hindu muslim divide.
After elections in UP, BJP and other parties should question the Congress party for having taken electoral politics to a new low.They must ensure that the debate returns to Good governance,Reforms,Transparency,Development etc. Congress deserves to be put on mat for its divisive politics.

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