Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Attack by terrorists on Amarnath Pilgrims

Country has witnessed one more attack on unarmed,innocent pilgrims to Amarnath.8 pilgrims are killed.7 of them are women.14 more are injured.All those who are dead or injured are from south Gujarat.
This marks one more change in the strategy of the terrorists.After Modi govt assumed office in May 2014, all terror attacks were directed at security forces [Pathankot,Uri...].Now again they are back to killing unarmed civilians.Does this mean that their strength is depleted and hence can't attack army camps? Or do they expect people to "react" to such violence and start one more communal conflagration? Terrorists involved appear to be from across the border.This will mean they are being "directed" to indulge in acts which have "consequences".Both China and Pakistan could be interested in creating a communal flashpoint in India.

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