Friday, July 14, 2017

Lies ,damned lies and statistics

Stanford University researchers conducted study about the "laziness" of people from various countries.They used data collected by the smartphones.Most of the smartphones are equipped with step counters which are installed in these sets. Researchers collected data from 700,000 smart phones owned  by people in 46 countries.

We do not know how many smartphones owned by Indians were counted by these researchers.

About 30% or less of Indians own smartphones.At present smartphones are owned by upper middle class and rich people.It is incorrect to conclude about entire Indian population based on data from this small segment.People from poorer sections,lower middle classes and house wives do walk miles every day to do a myriad chores.These data is "beyond" the rich of Stanford researchers.

Our farmers,farm labourers,shop floor people,shop assistants,people working in small businesses number more than 40 crores.And all of them do lot of walking- every day.

It is wrong on the part of our main stream media and social media to pick up such "phoney" research and condemn all of us as the laziest people in the world.

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