Thursday, October 3, 2013

Resource Mobilisation for the new Indian government

TOI has reported a news item today where a UP state Engineer has been caught who had amassed more than 260 crore of wealth between 2002 to 2007 in UP.
Central Government,various State governments,Qasi government bodies and PSUs employ more than 1.2 crore employees.We can safely presume that at least 10% of them are highly corrupt and have managed to amass more than 10 crore each.That will give us the figure of of 120 Lakh crores! [ 12 lakh employees having > 10 crore hush money].Govt agencies like CBI or Anti Corruption Bureau or ED should focus on their own colleagues and locate these 12 lakh crooks.Once done they should be asked to cough up and get out! "Deals" can be stuck to shell out at least half of the booty.[ no use filing legal cases that can go on and on for decades.Time is for the "Instant deals"]That could still be 60 Lakh crores.Compare this with central govt yearly budget of Rs 12 Lakh crores and we have the idea of resources that we can mobilise without much a do.
Added bonus will be that the govts will be able to get rid of 12 lakh crooks and replace them with better,younger,more honest and more deserving persons.

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