Monday, September 16, 2013

NaMo as PM

13th September was the date on which NaMo has been declared as PM candidate by BJP with only LKA dissenting.Today is 16th September and LKA while addressing a rally at Chhatisgadh along with Dr Raman Singh [ CM of Chhatisgadh[ has praised NaMo for the first time in last few weeks.Others who were opposed to NaMo's nomination [ M M Joshi,Sushma Swaraj,Ananth Kumar] seem to have fallen in line,not so much to respect party diktat,but to respect opinion of overwhelming numbers of rank and file and party supporters.
With this now BJP has the leader and an excellent national team comprising of Rajnath Singh,Arun Jaitely,Sushma Swaraj,Nitin Gadkari,Naidu,Ananth Kumar,Naqvi,Shah Navaz Hussein,Prasad,Sinha,Joshi and now LKA.. so many.Not only that but BJP also has very robust teams in the states where it is strong challenger to Congress.Compare this with what Congress has got.MMS? PC? Antony?Anand Sharma? Manish Tiwari? Ahmed Patel? Many of them may not be able to contest or win elections.That leaves the family led by SoniaG,RahulG & PriyankaG.Young dynasts like Scindia,Pilot,Devda,Prasada,Singh may not be much of election mobilisers.So how does Congress put in place teams,strategies,agenda? How does it counter huge anti incumbency? humongous scams?
As 2014 apporaches,it may become a walk over for BJP/NDA.

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