Monday, June 17, 2013

Ms Aruna Roy and her ilk

It has been a while! In fact more than a year.I am quite worked up by the article by Ms Aruna Roy [ till other day , member NAC ] in TOI today[ 18.6.13]

She has referred to Narendra Modi's comments on Maoists or at least their sympathizers entrenched in UPA II government. This has been the reason enough for Ms Roy to write and publish this article in TOI.She laments this process of "demonizing" of Maoists and their sympathizers. This is truly surprising ,coming from a Left Liberal, a tribe, which has been busy demonizing Modi all these years.This means that Left Liberals are free to be intolerant of those who are not Left Liberals but others are not free to criticize them. If they do, they become demonizers.

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