Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Defending the motherland

Since the controversy of his Date of Birth, Gen V K singh is in the news for all wrong reasons.Now we have him telling us that we are really not prepared for a war! This is inspite of plans to spend more than $100 billions in next 15 years on defence and having the second largest army in the world.This is also inspite of India having emerged as the largest importers of arms in the world.
It appears that our defence establishments headed by politicians and babus have not been doing their jobs properly since the bad old days of Bofors.What is needed is speed, clarity and transperancy in matters related to nation's defences. All three are missing.A K Antony, we are told is the most honest Congressman.This is what we have got from him.Dr Manmohan Singh too is honest.And this is what we have.Following needs to be done
1.Develop strategic plans for years 2020,2030 & 2050
2.Draw the lists of equipment needed and the man power needed
3. Appoint an ongoing high power committee comprising of retired senior officers from the armed forces, retired senior bureaucrats, senior political leaders from all parties, defence experts, and members of civil society.This high powered committee, with ample budgets should be mandated to execute these strategies. Decisions related to country's defence should be taken out of the purview of time serving politicians as well as corrupt and incompetent babus.
4.Jail terms for middlemen found bribing any one in the said committee.
5. This high power committee should be appointed by the President,Prime Minister,Leaders of the opposition in LS & RS, Speaker of the Lok sabha, Vice president and the CJC of India.No elections here!

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