Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fighting Terror -II

On 19.7.11,I wrote about the subject after Mumbai blasts of 13.7.11.I am saddened ,that what I stated there is repeated to day after one more blast in a Delhi High court entrance,that has killed 11 and injured 70,till writing of this blog.
I need not repeat, what I have stated on 19.7.11.Except that most of the panelists [in the TV debates] have re re re emphasised the role of the beat constable.Ex.cop.Kiran Bedi stated that there are 1.75 million policemen in the country.Out of these 1.25 million are constables.
One panelist [ Ajay Sahani] stated on CNN-IBN, that NIA was never and will never be a solution.He is a renowned security expert.But I still hold the view that a nation wide indepedent investigating agency for terror is the way forward.Central govt has not done enough on NIA except setting it up.When it is fully staffed,fully equipped and given operational autonomy,it can produce better results than the investigators [ trained in general investigation technics]at state level.
Now the new pattern of such attacks is emerging.Attacks are not spectacular.Attacks can never be linked to outsiders [ ISI has learnt its lessons from Kasab].Larger terror organisations are creating local,autonomous ,self sustaining cells without traces to parent organisations.
Response to such changed tactics needs to be differant.We can not and need not blame outsiders.But we need to act very quickly and effectively against local cells/operatives.How? Read my previous blog of 19.7.11.
One more aspect has emerged in today's blast.Anger/anguish/aversion to VIP visits that I had mentioned on 19.7. Today,Rahul Gandhi was booed by crowds of relatives of the victims at RML hospital.All parties should agree now to stop such visits.They hamper relief.They don't provide any immediate succur.They are no longer liked! Media should also agree that they will not report the absence of politicos as crime.This should put an end to this practice, which appears farcical due to painful regularity with which these attacks are happening.There is very little by way of investigations,prosecution and punishments which can be shown by the ministers.People want them to work on these aspects rather than visit them with their entourage.
Blast has put the central govt in very tricky situation.Digvijay Singh from Congress wrote few days ago in his blog that communalism was more dangerous than corruption.This was to pander to minority votes in upcoming elections in UP.Congress party has also orchastrated TV debates on hanging of Afzal Guru.Now HUJI, a Bangladesh based terror outfit has taken responsibility for this blast and warned that it will organise more such blasts in courts, if Afzal Guru is hanged.What a govt that has been going soft on muslims for their votes will do now?If they hang him, there could be blasts.If they don't there could still be blasts on some other pretext by terror outfits,as they would sense the helplessness of this govt.Besides this,govt will also face "blasts" from the people,for doing nothing!
This is the price you need to pay for ignoring security.Primary function of the state, as I have discussed in my blog on " Governance".If you can't protect us, you can't rule us.

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