Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lokpal in Delhi,Lokayukta in Gujarat

Today at 10am,Anna Hazare broke his 13 day long fast for a strong Lokpal bill to fight corruption.It was on April 11, that government agreed for a joint draft with team Anna.Then govt went back and came out with its own draft which was rejected by team Anna and everyone else.Hence this fast and hence its calling off today.
Now we need to mark this date 28th August 2011 and wait for the day on which the first case of corruption is filed against a politician or a public servant.That will be the proof of the pudding.
On 26th August, Governor of Gujarat unilaterally appointed the Lokayukta [ Mr R A Mehta] in state of Gujarat[ ruled by BJP] to probe the cases of corruption against the govt of Gujarat,.Governor took this decision on the premise that this appointment was kept pending by the state govt since last 7 years.State govt stated that this was due to the games that the Congress party in the opposition was playing all these years.Governor's decision has been challenged by the BJP govt in SC.BJP's state govt in Gujarat,headed by Narendra Modi has been the least corrupt govt in the entire country.Yet a Lokayukta has been unilaterally appointed for policial reasons.Congress party wants to fix Narendra Modi.Why?
Congress does not expect to win Gujarat assembly elections to be held in 2012.It also does not expect to win the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2014 or earlier.Congress party presumes that BJP with its allies will project Narendra Modi as their PM candidate.If that happens Congress and other left liberals entrenched in Delhi since the time of Pt Nehru may find it hard to survive,in Delhi.They have been so dependent on so many favours from the state all these years.So this is the question of their survival.Hence very proactively, they have tried to rein in Narendra Modi with false corruption charges through Lokayukta, who is their own appointee.
This raises the question of appointing the Lok Pal, once the said bill is turned in to a law.If Congress or any other party which is ruling at the center is to behave the way, Congress in Gujarat has behaved,what is the use of such an instituion?
In the case of Lokayukta, there needs to be the consensus between the ruling party and the opposition on a name.Yet, Gujarat Governor has done it in the name of expediency.Can we expect similar " expediency" in cases of Lokpal at the center? For reasons of power politics?

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