Wednesday, September 15, 2010

J & K

Since June 2010, Kashmir valley is on fire.Again.This cyclical rise in temperatures is going on since 1980.
Tibet has been invaded upon and occupied by the Chinese since 1959.Since then China has ruled it with iron hands.Whole world has been appealing to China about Tibet and HH Dalai Lama, but China does not care.
In case of J & K, late Maharaja Harisingh had signed the instrument of accession to India.However,muslims, who are in majority in Kashmir valley have not accepted this accession to a Hindu India.They have been agitating for either Azadi or for merging of J & K with Pakistan.Successive governments in Delhi have allowed this drift to continue.It has become a festering sore now.While Kashmiri youth agitate for Azadi, government keeps on offering them so called packages.Like our PM offerred them economic package, though J & K has the highest per capita income among all the states of India.Like repeal of Armed Forces Special Act is being discussed by all the political parties today in Delhi.Such things happen, when leadership has lost its way and its will to lead.A small minority of Kashmiris don't want any packages.They want Azadi.Are we in position to give such Azadi? if not, why offer so called packages or why vacillate?

India of 2010 is not India of 1857, or 1947 or 1962 or 1965 or 1990.India represents collective will and power of 110 crore people.If the governments in Delhi or Sri nagar can realise this, they can act as follows.
1. J & K is part of India and is not negotiable.If some one wants freedom from India, he or she will have to leave India to earn such freedom.Those who agitate for such freedom are not ordinary agitators but are anti nationals and should be dealt with accordingly.
2. Once we accept the fact that J & K is not negotiable, we should enter in to dialogue with only those, who accept India's sovereignty.Why talk to people who want to merge J & K with Pakistan or to those who want Azadi?
3. Present day's Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Burma were part of a larger Hindusthan.They belonged to Hindus.Britishers occupied India for only 150 years.Britishers did not leave us on their own volition.They were forced to leave ! And hence, they had no business to arbitrarily divide this ancient Hindu nation.But they did.It is time for Indians to tell the world that this division was forced upon Indians.In such a case, creation of Pakistan too was arbitrary.And in such a case either Britons or Pakistanis or Americans or the UN have no locus standi on J & K.All of them have very good reasons to tell China to get out of Tibet.They have none for we Indians.So we should stop worrying about what the world tells us to do.We should act in the best interest of our nation.
India Today Weekly [ 13th September,2010] has given following details on J & K.
Per capita expenditure in J & K is Rs 9661/- v/s Rs 3969/- for all India
J & K state employs 4.6 lakh officials - half of them are not needed as per Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad
Unemployment rate is 4.21% v/s all India rate of 3.09 %, as J & K youth wouldn't leave J & K for jobs in other states or in Gulf.
75% of the State expenditure is met by Delhi
In 2008, Delhi gave Rs.10,786/- crores, while the State could raise only Rs 3420/- crores
J & K has 23 PSU's - only 4 of these make any profit.
J & K's food import bill last year was Rs 22000/- crores.All paid for by Delhi [ you & me that is]
According to CAG, J & K could not account for Rs 71,088 crores between 1980 & 2008.J & K is the second most corrupt state in the country.This is as per Transperancy International.As result of this corruption, Fixed deposits with the banks have grown from Rs 23,484 crores in 2005 to Rs.37,237 crores in 2010! Some gumption this.Rest of the money is used to fan insurgency and hire stone pelters.
7lakh security personnel are deployed in J & K.They add to the state GDP, besides protecting lives of ordinary people.
People from Jammu and Ladakh do not want so called Azadi.They would like J & K to be fully integrated with India.People in the valley numbering about 60lakhs want Azadi or want merger with Pakistan.If Jammu and Ladakh are fully integrated with India, government in Delhi will crowd these regions with security personnel and economic packages mentioned above.That will elimnate scope for any mischief by Pakistan.In such an event, 60 lakh freedom fighters in Kashmir valley could enjoy their freedom without security,food, money, electricity and water.

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